This product looks same with normal hitting anchor. But it have secret on the spilt tail. We skip tail cutting process, and also keep in same function.

   We are living in “The Age of Energy Crisis”. To developing green product is our most important issue. The Aluminum / Titanium / Magnesium alloy products have well performance on energy saving. We do cooperating with anyone to develop related products.
Magnesium Alloy Parts: The Magnesium alloy is high strength, low density (1 : 7.87 with Iron & 1 :2.78 with Aluminum) , anti vibrating and heat release. It can use in 3C electric devices, Aerospace industries, Medical purpose, Outdoor training devices or other high technical area. (Quick disconnect couplings are making by AZ 80. If your tool cover are making by magnesium alloy, you might need to use same material on connecter. Because they need to be same potential different to avoid corrosion. )
Surface treatment is by MAO. You could apply many different colors on surface. The MAO hardness can approach HV 1000 and it could apply on bicycle wheel , factitious bone joints