The characteristic of multi-stage forming is using in many different purposes. Those different purposes may combine screw, nut and some other foundation in one part. The samples dividing are Spherical, Hex-washer, Inter-thread in the bolt's head, Weld base, Gear drive, Double washer, Non-concerted stud…etc. All the products might be cold forging base, and produce the high quality and low cost goods.
T.C. Bolts (Tensile Share Bolt), Stud Bolt, Square Head Bolt, Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw with Double Washers, Hexagon Washer Bolt with inner thread, Mushroom Bolt with Slot End.
Stud material: SUS 304/302.
Components : Set screw 3/8'x1 5/8'-16T‘; 3/8Nut,
Spring /Flat washer. ; Special Nut.