Customize Products
   Our factory focuses on Cold Forging Metal Parts (Forming in one time). It will get less machining works, stronger machined performance, and increase competitiveness. Our characteristic is the part can be punch second forming by another forming machine. The product should like H-Buckle, Ball Screw (No turning process), Double head Screw.

Production Dimension:
Body 1~20mm, Head: 6~25mm, Length: 5~150, Control Tolerance: Diameter 0.05~0.2mm / ISO 2768-m. The head of bolt can be Spherical, Semi-circle, Hexagon, Hex-Washer, Weld base, Square, Taper … etc diverse combination. The body and tip ' s part can be thread, annular knurl, gear, and others.

Material accessible:
Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy, Titanium Alloy.

We can follow custom design to produce Special-shape Screw, Bolt, Nut, Pin, Rivet, Shaft, and the parts for Machine/ Electronic dives.

Motorcycle Burglarproof Screw, Nut
   This fastener is using to protect the dearness motorcycle shock absorber or other expensive vehicle device. Other while, we may help you to develop burglarproof fasteners for other purpose. You need our special tool, when you fit the bolt or nut on your device.
Metal Powder Injection Modeling (M. I. M.) Product.

The M. I. M. finished product have higher precision than the Precision Casting, also stronger than the Powder Metallurgy. The best way to skip machining process.


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